Everything is a whole made up of parts: individuals, families, or organizations. Do the parts work together? Are you satisfied with your role as one part of the whole? Are you satisfied with how your parts are working together? As without, so within; as within, so without.

Working Together

To be effective, we need to know that we are a good match --- that my approach will meet your expectations, and that you are committed to the work. Our working agreement will outline our mutual expectations (see below).

My value is as a coach and comes from observing what keeps people stuck in patterns of unhappiness and wasted energy. We explore what frees you to live your life, visions, and dreams and we build new systems and healthy patterns to support this alignment. A central question that we begin with is: What is the story of your life?

I create a space and a place where you can look at what you want and need from your life. We examine the existing strategies that have brought you to the present moment and explore the barriers and obstacles to being your most authentic self.

I use many tools. Some are designed for individuals. Some are designed for couples, families or organizations. I use these tools to develop a sense and an ability to reflect where you are in the present, where you have been, and your familial/familiar patterns. I may recommend that you attend retreats or workshops to support your transformation, such as mindfulness and self-compassion training, martial arts, or experiences in nature.